13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

Mar. 31, 2017
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Diana Son


Dylan Minnette isClay Jensen
Clay Jensen
Katherine Langford isHannah Baker
Hannah Baker
Christian Navarro isTony Padilla
Tony Padilla
Alisha Boe isJessica Davis
Jessica Davis
Brandon Flynn isJustin Foley
Justin Foley
Miles Heizer isAlex Standall
Alex Standall
Justin Prentice isBryce Walker
Bryce Walker
Devin Druid isTyler Down
Tyler Down
Ajiona Alexus isSheri Holland
Sheri Holland
Ross Butler isZach Dempsey
Zach Dempsey

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Watch 13 Reasons Why Online free all seasons, all episodes. Based on the same book by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why? A genocide in high school tells about the experiences of one day listening to a cassette from a mysterious box found in the room when he returned home from school. Clay, when she hears the voice of the girl she likes to commit suicide two weeks ago, she gets an ear cut. On the record, Hannah tells me about the reason for her decision to end her life.

A young girl named Hannah committed suicide, but after her suicide she left 13 tapes and gave them to the 13 people who caused her death. Everyone is transferring the cassette to the next person after his / her own cassette. Strangely, there is a copy of the tapes in a younger named Tony. In the case of appeal, it is the case that the cassettes are handed over to the police and the reasons behind the crushing Hannah’s suicide are revealed. Katherine Langford, the main daughter of the same name booklet adaptation series translated by 13 Reason to die in Turkic; Dylan plays Clay in Minnette.
If you do not come up to this point in the article by just reading the bold places or looking at the visuals, then you have a couple of very likely views about the series. Watch 13 Reasons Why Season 1 onlineI would like to draw attention to the more subjective side of the phenomenon and how the index is handled. First of all, acting has come a long way from what I expected. Most of the characters – I would like to state that I have not read the book – is very well reflected. We can even call it the first professional acting experience of almost all of the players in the series. There are no successful and experienced people in the business kitchen. Even surprising is that Selena Gomez has taken part in the production of the directory. We can call it indie work if it has come out under this Netflix brand for this series. Come on, the process of the subject comes from 13 episodes, and each episode brings a new cassette with you. It’s normal that you find it incredibly ridiculous that Hannah’s death is due to these reasons in the beginning. As long as the chapters go and Hannah loses everything.
There is one very important thing that the series has accomplished before the series: “13 episodes are a successful public spot.” No matter what happens, a person does not deserve such an end. Nor can any person have the right to make such moves to end someone else’s life. The tapes that Hannah left before she died are the most common situations people face in everyday life. A woman should not be condemned by others in any way because of her sex and possessions. One look at Hannah’s eyes is what makes you realize that there are such things in the real world. It is silent to these attitudes because it does not mean that they are deserving these structures because they are afraid of making noise. Sometimes, even a word that has lived so much and has been overtaken can drag people into this darkness. Because of this, the series considers everything before people think that Hannah’s suicide decision is not true despite the things she lived.

You see that everything starts at an unjust photograph and goes to the death of a person. Every character in the series is a person who has had a say in Hannah’s life and death. It is painful for school administrators to try to cover up and do nothing but to organize events behind Hannah as if people were not their guilty, in fact, shooting the whole stunning reality of the event. When a photograph begins to change in life, the character goes into position in the order of a young girl who lives until her marriage to the marriage of the principle of “Every man can not stay strong” for a life that he has lived in for a living, and each character is in turn in order and their common points have played a role in the death of a person. It is important that even a compliment is given to a living person so much that they take it away from him, even when his friend is absent. All but it all pushes him one more step to the death of a person. In this respect, the series introduces you to the characters one by one and shows them their potentials, then they put them into the event. This makes it very easy for you to connect with Hannah.

13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why
Original title13 Reasons Why
First air dateMar. 31, 2017
Last air dateMar. 31, 2017

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