Everyone has a WheelHouse
The Outdoors is our House


Compelling stories are ones that are interpreted by each of us with our own set of unique internal experiences and points-of-reference.

Outdoor Commercials

No matter what your story is and where the storytelling leads us, we are ready to help you capture it.

Teaser Trailer

Our process is designed to capture honest stories that are visceral and immersive – always shining the best possible lights on our clients.

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Video Production Pricing


  • Full Day Rate - up to 8 hours of setup and/or production - $850.00
  • 1/2 Day Rate - up to 4 hours of setup and/or production - $450.00
  • Hourly - $200.00


  • Basic Editing - Simple video cuts, Color grading, Audio mixing, and Intro Graphic - $150.00/hour
  • Complex Editing - Color grading, Chroma Keying, Transitions, Motion titles, Audio mixing, Motion graphic/effect overlays, Distort effects, Motion tracking, Time remapping, Masking - $200.00/hour
  • Stock Footage, Graphics, Photos and Music - $70.00/hour
  • Voice-Over - Professionally recorded voice overs from selection of voiceover talents - Market Rate


  • We will travel to locations within a 25-miles from Indianapolis without any additional charge


  • Driving Mileage - $.85/per mile
  • Overnight Stays - All basic expenses, lodging, meals, etc. - "Reimbursed by Actual Receipt"
  • Long Distance Travel - Anything not within driving distance - "Cost of plane tickets + Overnight Stays"

Our creative vision at SteerPoint Media is the result of over 15 years of shooting, editing and producing network television and cable shows for Discovery Channel, The Outdoor Channel and The Pursuit Channel.

Clay Gilbert, our Director of Visual Imaging, has experienced both the rush and the reflection involved with creating episodic television.  He is experienced in working under the rush of the deadline structures of network programming; at the same time, his wildlife and outdoor experience have bred in him a creative reflection. In outdoor videography, it takes great patience to set-up the shot and wait for that perfect moment to present itself.

Storytelling is second-nature to Clay.  He “gets it”. In addition to shooting, producing and editing – he has impressive skills in animation, motion-graphics and sound-design – elements that all combine to best communicate the various client stories we are tasked with presenting.