Using Drones in Your Video Marketing

Some of us here at SteerPoint are old enough to remember. If you “needed” an aerial photograph you chartered an aircraft, booked a photographer and hoped it would be a sunny day. The term “needed” was accurate; aerial images were once reserved for land developers, city planners, manufacturing expansions and high-end brochures and expensive promotional pieces. It was always a complicated and expensive undertaking.

Not so today with the ubiquity of drones. UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), or drones, make aerial stills and elevated video segments a lot simpler. Today you get significantly higher image quality that’s available at a drastically lower cost than in the pre-drone era.

SteerPoint Media is qualified, experienced and creative when it comes to creating aerial assets for our clients.

Here are 5 reasons why you should add drone imaging to your marketing tool kit:

Higher Altitude Perspective Shots.
This is the most inviting way to give a virtual tour. Flying up to 400′ captures an elevated perspective of buildings for marketing, documenting construction progress, documenting property damage and current conditions or capturing a location in relation to nearby amenities or structures. If your story involves nature, it’s also an ideal method for imaging beautiful scenery – mountains, lakes, rivers, wildlife – to help tell a story from a unique perspective.

Lower altitude Action Shots.
For video perspective that capture activities or actions, lower altitude video can help to convey interactive perspectives. It helps tell a story that evolves from multiple angles. Sometimes referred to as a “fly-by”, it is a favorite approach to sports videographers – especially when pausing to pan 180 or 360 degrees – or more! The technical approach can really immerse the viewer in the unfolding video story.

Indoor Flying.
Showrooms expand, displays change, consumer tastes evolve. Using drones indoors can help to re-position the interior of your business and update your story in the minds of your consumers. We have effectively integrated this approach for some of our B to C clients. Likewise, many of our B to B clients are showing off improved manufacturing assets and factory expansions by incorporating indoor drone footage into their marketing approach.

Events and Developing Situations.
Drones are uniquely qualified to present events in their true perspective. Think festivals, community gatherings. There are also uses in developing situations as they might relate to negative awareness or public relations at times of crisis. Drone footage helps to present the real and unedited story of what events transpired.

Improve your site SEO.
Drone, handheld or even selfie-style – all videos are great for your site’s SEO. Google absolutely loves videos. Remember when they bought YOUTUBE? Maybe that’s why! Having videos on website landing pages will increase the time people spend on those pages. In an of itself, this signals to the Google bots that your site has good content and is RELEVANT to the subject matter search.

SteerPoint Media is here to guide you through using all our available tools to help tell your unique story in an interesting and engaging way.