Keeping WordPress Maintenance Simple

Through the years at SteerPoint, we have successfully created nearly 350 different customized client websites, all in our eco-system of choice: WORDPRESS. We have no doubt it is one of the best, most flexible and lowest-maintenance platforms available. It provides ideal and scalable solutions for the majority of businesses and organizations worldwide.

Everything is fine. Until it is not. wordpress_maintenance_plans

We want the website’s we build to stay healthy and fully functional. WordPress is universally durable and understandable by most business owners and marketers who have the time it takes to learn and master a few basic WordPress skills. In a future article, we will take a look at some of the more common WordPress error massages and what they might mean to the long-term health of your website.

But, before we look at those error messages and what they mean, here are two very important things every WordPress website owner should always do:

1) Backup your website!
You should always make a complete backup of your WordPress site before making any changes. By storing regular backups and establishing a systematic backup schedule, your company or organization will always have a current and contemporaneous full working copy of your site. Your current back-up keeps you ready to restore the website when disaster strikes.

2) Update all plugins.
The truly unique beauty of the WordPress platform is the sheer volume of plugins written and made available by users and coders worldwide. Calendar of events? There’s a plugin for that. Calculate mortgage rates on your site? There’s a plugin for that, too. You name it. These plug-ins save hundreds of hours in custom-coding and serve to expand the functionality of a website.

But, plugins need to be regularly kept up-to-date. You will see a red message inside your WordPress dashboard that advises you when plug-ins have a newer version ready to install.

Remember to always perform a full site back-up before you update all plugins. These updates are written to enhance the available functionality of plugins. However, there are often unforeseen consequences when an updated plug-in can break some critical function across the entire site.

This is why we always recommend SteerPoint’s low cost maintenance packages to take the worry out of updates, back-ups and figuring out why one or more features of the site is not functioning properly. Finding the offending code can sometimes be a time-consuming mystery and will likely be beyond the skill-set of our clients and their staffs.

We think it is a prudent insurance policy to keep your site tip-top 24/7. Contact us, and we can walk you through the process and explain the various benefit levels.