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Negative Reviews vs. Malicious Attacks

It takes years to build a solid online business reputation. That reputation can be attacked and damaged irreparably in a matter of moments. We recently experienced an unexpected fire drill with multiple attacks on our reputation via social media. We scrambled to put into action many of the reputation management measures we coach our clients to maintain. We learned first hand how important it is to protect against guerrilla attacks; and, how,

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How Your Company Blog Works With Social Media

If you’ve done any research on social media marketing, you’ve probably already read about the importance of having a social media strategy. A key component of social media strategy involves your company blog. A reputable marketing company understands that search engine optimization through blog content and social media marketing go hand in hand.

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Are Retro Websites Making a Comeback?

There’s a saying in fashion that “everything old is new again.” Acid wash jeans, overalls, and bell sleeves all ebb and flow in popularity. It seems we recycle the same trends, over and over again. And it seems that the practice of web design has been around long enough to follow suit.

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Beyond SEO: Three Growing Internet Marketing Strategies

The internet today is awash with advertising strategies. Search engine optimization and email marketing reign supreme. But what other forms of internet promotion are out there? And are they useful to growing businesses? Here are a few examples of web marketing strategies you may not have thought of. Ad Retargeting. Retargeting has become more and more popular in recent years. It involves utilizing cookies to show visitors to your page additional ads

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Facebook’s Latest: L.Facebook.com and LM.Facebook.com

We like to stay on top of our social media channels; considering how important they are to Internet marketing, it’s worth watching changes like a hawk. Facebook in particular is crucial, given that it’s one of the major social media giants. If you’ve had your eagle eyes on recently, you might have noticed some new referral sources from Facebook cropping up in your analytics: L.Facebook.com and LM.Facebook.com. Intrigued yet? If you’re not,

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