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Graph Search vs Google

There’s obviously been much talk this week about Facebook’s new graph search – the good, the bad, what it is, what it’s not, and from an SEO standpoint, I’m not quite sure yet. ?SteerPoint immediately signed up to be on the waiting list for the very limited beta program, so we can test it ourselves and learn more for our clients. But, I do have several questions/concerns that might be addressed in

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To Be Social or Not in 2013?

Being social on the web is a must in 2013! We are telling ALL of our clients social media is the ticket to success – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ &? Pinterest. We are currently creating and delivering social media marketing strategies for our clients to enhance their relationships with their customers, employees and partners. This service is a great asset to our clients, because honestly, who has time between either yourself as a

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Social Media CRM – Shoutlet

Just finished a presentation of the social media-marketing platform Shoutlet. We are looking to find a solution for our clients so they can engage in the social media world without having hours of programming lessons. Lets face it 500 million Facebook members is a market still not embraced by more than 50% of the companies in business today. Shoutlet offers a fantastic internal CRM system that maintains the social media chat and

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B2B Marketing and Internet Marketing

Where is the market for 2010? B2B and Internet marketing! Recently Google and research firm OTX produced a study that showed 59% of companies cut their marketing budgets for 2010.? We all know that budget cuts usually mean traditional marketing took a big hit.? With today’s Internet world you can connect to more with less. Having your company with an effective social media connection and a strong email / PPC campaign will

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Why are there so many Twitter Quitters?

The word Twitter is being used from your local tv stations all the way to MSNBC. People hear that it’s the ultimate social media platform that you can be active with some of your favorite newspersons, movie stars, professional athletes and friends from your past. But once you sign up you realize that there are little security features to prevent people from following you and reading your every thought. Then there are

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