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Tweeting Emojis? Marketers Will Find You

Did you know July 17th was World Emoji Day? Well, if the high holiday of cartoon crying cats, pizza, and emoting faces on them passed you by, you also likely missed the news that Twitter is now allowing companies to target ads to users tweeting specific emojis.

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5 Major Website Flaws Your Visitors Notice

Let’s face it. You’re probably a little self-conscious about your site. Sure, you’ve signed off on the final touches and vetted it a thousand times. But now it’s just sitting out there on the world wide web, attracting users; being judged. If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a super-keen eye for the good, bad and ugly when it comes to websites. But we consider ourselves extreme compared to most. The important question you should be able to answer is how well does your site hold up in the eyes of your basic visitor?

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Moms Are Using Instagram. Is Your Business?

If one of your demographics is mothers, you’re really hurting your brand by avoiding Instagram. According to a study released by the online mobile photo-sharing titan, 25% of female Instagram users over the age of 18 are moms. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 of those users check Instagram once per week, with 68% using the app daily. With an ever-increasing reliance on mobile devices, the call to action for businesses to represent

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Which Hosting Is Right for You?

Setting up your site involves crucial decisions on a number of different items. You must select the right platform, appropriate tags and best technologies to support your site. But one of the most important steps in creating a functional site is choosing the right host.

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